Leanstores is launching

July 3rd, 2017 Announcements

Leanstores is launching

After some years of hard work and many tests with local stores, we launched a beta version of Leanstores a year ago to try to solve a problem that most local stores have: sell online easily.

Since then, we have continued working with local stores and improving some features. We will continue to do so during the next weeks together with new stores and we will launch a new version soon.

Why are we doing this?

We know that online sales are an important part of today’s businesses (and will be more important in the future) but it’s still too difficult for many stores to have a good website and all the ecommerce infrastructure needed.

Although there are many good startups that provide this service, we have seen that sometimes it’s too difficult for a store to find or understand how to use their services, or simply that their product is not good enough.

We want to change this. The mission of Leanstores is to build awesome online stores for any store, anywhere. And we want to make this easy for anyone.

We built our first website more than 14 years ago, when we were just teenagers. However, at that time the market and the technology were totally different and not all stores were prepared to use our technology. Despite this, we loved the product and we continued working in this project (together with other projects) and two years ago we decided it was the moment to continue. We spoke to a number of local stores and we saw that it still was difficult for them to have a good online store and that they would use our product. As a result, we have been working together with these local stores and launched our first version one year ago.

Now it is the moment to make a second step and we will be launching an improved version soon, with new features that are being tested.

We wanted to launch our official blog so you can know our news directly from us ;).

Here, in our official blog, we will be explaining all the steps to set up your online store as well as all your ecommerce infrastructure (payments, shipping, and so on). We will also launch new features and new designs, and we will provide tips about marketing, customer attention and how to make the most of your online store.

We will also be posting all these news in our social media accounts (primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr).

You can follow us on our social media and also sign up in our newsletter so you can receive all our news directly to your email.

We are preparing great things so you can have an awesome online store.